We grew MFM from a vision - not a blueprint. Our mission was to create a company that would provide the expertise of a big company, yet offer the kind of flexibility and responsiveness necessary to help our clients manage the insatiable change of technology.

Our goal was integrate into our company the core skills that are required to exploit the amazing capabilities the Internet offers. With telecommunications, software, and web divisions, MFM created the equation that would keep us on technologies edge, without losing sight of the day-to-day business functionality our clients require.

MFM's strong background in software design is unique in the web industry. It provides our customers practical use of the Internet. Function transcends form. Manageability supersedes the latest technological gimmick. Return on investment replaces technology for technology's sake.

A web application, just like any other, requires ongoing attention. Our depth of experience ensures our clients that MFM knows not only how to support software, but how to build software that is easy to support. It only makes sense.

We prove everyday that the answer to our vision succeeds inside huge conglomerates and small companies. From the Hyatt Regency and Intercontinental Hotels to the more than 300,000 clients who use our real estate products and services everyday - it seems reasonable to conclude we just may be on to something.

We are experts in:

• Software Development: C++, Delphi, WinSDK, Perl, and ASP
• Internet and the World Wide Web: HTML, DHTML, XML, ASW, Java, Javascript, Perl, CGI Programming as well as Web Architecture, Graphics and Design.
• Network and System Administration (Unix/Linux, Windows, MacOS, Cisco, TCP/IP)
• Imaging and Image Processing
• Documenting and Electronic Publishing (WinHelp/Doc-To-Help and HTML)
• Online Technical Support
• Telecommuting and Distributed Enterprise
• Serial Communications
• LAN/WAN Communication