A Broker Site feature that captures emerging market leads while providing a "shopping cart" system for the homebuyer

Contact information is captured at the very beginning of homebuyer's search so you get there first and build customer loyalty.

My Homes is an optional service that can be added to the Broker Site and Agents Sites altogether. It is a "shopping cart" system that allows the users to save and review chosen properties or entire search settings and receive automated email notification about new property matches that meet their saved criteria.

My Homes enables you to automatically capture contact information from the very beginning of the search experience. It instantly designates the broker and the agent as the contact representatives for the new opened user account. This real estate oriented service is a tremendous time saver for the broker, agent and homebuyer, a convenient tool where visitors to your Website will have the ability to customize and save their entire home search experience.

How it works...

A potential homebuyer finds several individual properties or selects a set of criteria that he would like to save for later review. He sets up an account with My Homes service and saves them all in his new setup account. Later, he logs back and can immediately view the properties or the search criteria saved.

When the homebuyer sets up an account, he has the choice to select an agent as personal contact. Otherwise the system appoints an agent automatically. This valuable lead generator provides user or potential client contact information to the broker and the contact agent.

My Homes search update feature sends an automatic email notification to the account holder of any new listings that meet his search criteria. It also sends notices regarding changes to existing MLS listings. The user has the option to update or delete his account information at any time.

If the account has not been used for a while, the account inactivity notification is produced and a series of emails are sent. The first set of emails is sent to the homebuyer and agent after 60-days and states that the account will be deleted if still inactive for 30 more days. When the full 90-day period expires, the account is deleted with notices sent to the homebuyer and agent.

My Homes service provides homebuyers and visitors to your site with the ability to customize, save, and review at any time. the desired search criteria, listings and features of their dream home.

  • New Account Set up Page/ Edit Account Information - allows visitor to enter personal contact information, select an agent to work with and update or delete their account information
  • Saved Homes - selected by the visitor the properties remain in the account until deleted by the user or removed from the MLS database
  • Saved Searches - lists the specific saved search criteria with all the details initially entered
  • Automatic E-Mail Notification - sends out custom emails for the following purposes: registration confirmations, password reminders, My Homes search updates, and account inactivity
  • Account Inactivity - a notification email is sent to user and agent (if applicable) for inactivity in the account for 60 days and notification that the account will be deleted if not active for another 30 days. After the full 90-days the account is deleted with notices sent to user and agent